Roll Cake(Chocolate) Recipe| Japanese, Easy and Ketogenic! The cake is Made by a microwave in less than 2 min

A Chocolate small roll cake recipe made by a microwave. Ketogenic, and low-carbs. The portion is for one to two people. Even if you eat it all, it will be just 248 kcal only!

Roll cake Japanese easy recipe| Ketogenic & low carb, made by microwave, portion for 1-2

Low-carb, ketogenic, easy Japanese roll cake for 1-2 people's portion, You use MICROWAVE to make the cake but oven. Enjoy the easy yummy roll cake!!

Pork Shoulder Easy recipe (Ketogenic)| Asian char siu style

Easy pork shoulder recipe of Chinese Char siu, Japanese version. You do not need to use oven for this recipe, what you need is just a pan! Sear and leave in the pan about half an hour and it is done.

Seared tuna recipe (salad)|Rare grilled tuna stake salad【Ketogenic】

Slightly seared tuna salad. The sauce poured over is Asian. You may feel the sweet taste of the onion and the savory flavor of soy sauce in it.

Keto Crêpe recipe|Easy! Microwave or pan made French crêpes<20 min>

A keto crape recipe using Okara powder and psyllium husk. Both of the ingredients contain very small amount of carbs, yet texture is very similar to cake flour.

Keto macro calculator | Easy, free calculation! Know how much carb you can intake a day

You can calculate your Keto macro with this page. Check out your Protein, Fat, Carbohydrate ratio. Ketogenic diet is not that hard once you know how to work on it!

Keto bread recipe |Almond flour + psyllium husk table roll (Super easy!)

Easy ketogenic table rolls made by almond powder and psyllium husk. It is low-carb and contains a lot fiber. It is not only yummy, it has benefit to you

Petite Cream puffs with custard filling recipe(Ketogenic)| Super easy recipe!

An easy recipe for Petite cream puffs and custard filling. Only few steps will enable you to create the wonderful puffy sweet. It takes literally few minutes to work on!

Custard cream filling recipe | Ketogenic & easy! Less than 3 min with a microwave

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Ketogenic beef recipes| Shaved beef, eggplant, summer veggies Korean style

An recipe of shaved beef, eggplant and summer veggies sautéed in Korean style. An Asian dish made with Korean hot pepper paste "gochujang." Ketogenic and low carb meal.

Kiss My Keto Bread | The Low-Carb Bread (4 flavors)My Honest Review & Ingredients

Are you wondering if there is any good Keto bread out there? I am reviewing "Kiss my Keto low-carb bread" which I fell in love with in this article. It is quite amazing that they could create the crunchy texture with the bread without any flour!

KETO, SIBO, Candida diet| Tofu Shirataki Japchae (Korean dish)

"Tofu Shirataki Japchae" Keto recipe of Korean-Japanese fusion. It is a low-carb yet very satisfying meal. You may adjust the spiciness changing the amount of the chili bean sauce. Enjoy!

Crispy! Guilty free, light & simple “Keto Cookie with Almond Flour” (KETO/Low-Carb/Candida Diet)

Are you looking for a recipe of simple, crispy cookies? Here it is. The cookie is made by Almond Flour and sweetened by Sugar Alternative, so that it is a lot healthier the normal cookies which use flour and sugar. Also, the great thing about this recipe is it is very easy to make! What you need is a bag of zip lock. Put all the ingredients, mix and bake!

Natural Heaven Spaghetti Hearts of Palm Noodles|Review+Recipe

This is the review of the Natural Heaven Spaghetti Hearts of Palm Noodles. I fell in love with the texture of this product! I consider the texture of this product is something very different from normal pasta, and is even better than normal one! It is perfect food for Keto diet.