Dessert with Agar Agar| Easy! Refreshing summer dessert (Low-carb dessert)

agar dessertDESSERT

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Would you teach me easy recipes for Agar Agar?

I just want to know the basic ones.

Agar is a wonderful ingredient made by seaweed. For those who are on Keto, vegan diet, this is a perfect ingredient to make Jelly texture.

I myself have been on Keto diet as I started to have some symptoms couple of years go if I ate a lot of carbs. As the product does not contain carbs, I have been able to use the product for many dishes without hesitation.

Because of the nature of the ingredient which can make liquid solid, it can be used to variety of things from gummy bear, cheese cake, jelly to dressing.

In this post, I am introducing very basic summer jelly. When you have very hot summer and lose your appetite, this fresh citrus jelly would make you feel very refreshed.

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What is Agar Agar?

>> LIVING JIN Agar Agar Powder

There are many Agar products, and “Agar Agar” is one of them. Usually, agar is made by seaweed. Depends on the product, the amount that you use for your dish may be varied.

About this “Agar agar,” I would say the product is very thick and strong. You may need only small amount compared with the other agar products.

It has a slight smell of seaweed, but if you dilute it with enough water content, you do not feel it anymore.

The item can be used for many sweets, and cheese recipes.

Dessert with Agar Agar

Here are some of the things that I tried so far with the “Agar agar.” I often make jelly out of it.

For any jelly, you basically have to mix sugar alternative and agar very well to avoid Agar particles stuck together to make lumps.

Put the powder in boiling water little by little while mixing, and when the powder is totally melted, you can put sufficient amount of water, or milk, gently and warm it up a little.

if you cool down the agar mix, it gets solid. You may put the mix in the fridge to cool down.

Do not use fruit juice for this recipe because it should not be boiled usually.

Japanese Shingen mochi jelly

orb mochi
1tsp of Agar Agar + Sugar alternative (Whole earth 10g(Sugar 20g)) + 600ml water
Kinako powder is sprinkled.

This is the very basic easy recipe, made by only Agar Agar, sugar alternative and water.

You can easily make a sphere out of this Agar Agar using ice mold. I am using the mold below. This one is made by plastic/rubber and easy to use.

>> Tovolo Sphere Ice Molds 

I was wondering to make some Dragon bolls out of this, but have not done yet. If anyone can make it, please try 🙂

Fruit Jelly (Little bit hard)

1tsp of Agar Agar + Sugar alternative + Lemon juice + 600 ml Water content

This is Muscat Jelly. You can put some fruit at the bottoms of the mold, and pour over the agar mix.

Summer jelly (Loose jelly)

1tsp of Agar Agar + 800ml of water content

This is the dessert that I am introducing as recipe below. It is very good for summer time.

Tofu Hua

1/2 tsp of Agar Agar + 100ml Water + 300ml Soy milk

This dessert is so good! Tofu hua is one of the Chinese desserts. It is made of Tofu usually. The texture is like silken Tofu, but people eat it with ginger sweet syrup.

Using Agar, you can instantly make this Tofu dessert. With this Tofu hua, you do not use sugar or sugar alternative.

Just boil water, add agar powder sprinkling little by little, and when it is thoroughly mixed, you pour in Soy milk little by little.

When it reaches 60-80℃(140F-176F), you can strain it to another bowl.

Let it cool down to room temperature, and is done.

Though, usually people use ginger sweet syrup for this dessert, you can alternatively use another sweet syrup. I am using Lakanto monk fruit syrup, and is perfect for this dessert.

For those who are on Keto diet, I very much recommend this Keto-friendly sweet syrup!

>> Lakanto Simple Flavoring Syrup

Cheese cake (No baked)

no baked cream cheese cake

With Agar agar, you can make cheese cake without baking it. It has very mild creamy texture, yet very refreshing thanks to the lemon juice in the mix.

It is a perfect summer dessert!

chocolate pudding

chocolate pudding

You can make chocolate pudding with Agar agar, without using an egg. It takes only 10 min or so to make the mix for the pudding.

Agar Agar Dessert| Summer Jelly – Ingredients

Ingredients are as follows;

  • Berries, Chia seeds, etc that you want to add in the Jelly

  • Lemon juice

  • Agar Agar

  • Water

  • Sugar Alternative (I am using whole earth in this recipe)

Agar Agar Dessert| Summer Jelly – How to make

1 Mix Agar and sugar alternative very well.

2 Heat hot water in a pot. Put the powder little by little mixing, avoiding to make lump.

3 When it reaches to 60-80℃(140F-176F)stop the heat. (When slightly you start seeing bubbles on the edge of the pan.)

4 Cut the fruits to small pieces and put in a form.

5 Pour over the mix in the form.

6 When it gets room temperature, put in a fridge to make it solid. Before serving, you can mix little, or you can serve as how it is.

This picture’s jelly is mixed little after cooling down

You may want to add a little of sparking water, and that can get more refreshing!

You can add water melon or other types of fruits of the season. Chia seeds can be good topping too.

Agar dessert

Summer Agar Agar jelly, very refreshing in summer time!

A perfect refreshing dessert for hot heating summer. The juicy citrus jelly and the fruits are perfect ingredients to make you feel recovered.
Prep Time10 mins
Total Time10 mins
Keyword:dessert, refreshing, summer


  • Pot


  • Berries, Chia seeds etc
  • 1 tbsp Lemon juice
  • 1 tsp Agar Agar
  • 750 ml Water Water can be 600ml~800ml according how you want it to be solid. The picture is loose, and is 800ml.
  • 2.5~ tbsp Whole earth If you use sugar: 5 tbsp ~


  • Mix Agar and sugar alternative very well
  • Heat hot water in a pot. Put the powder little by little mixing, avoiding to make lump.
  • When it reaches to 60-80℃(140F-176F)stop the heat. (When slightly you start seeing bubbles on the edge of the pan.)
  • Cut the fruits to small pieces and put in a form.
  • Pour over the mix in the form.
  • When it gets room temperature, put in a fridge to make it solid.


【For 4】
Protein:0g (0%)
Fat: 0g(0%)
Net carbs: 2g  (100%)
(Total Calories:8kcal)